Permanent Type Bullet Magnet

Permanent type bullet magnet


Bullet magnet totally encased in stainless steel. Door closed and door open showing “bullet magnet” Tube Magnet or Bullet Magnet offered offer suitable option for conveying material using continuous process in a horizontal fashion. These feature aerodynamically shaped finish that is made available with solid stainless steel nose cone. This advanced design support helps in protecting machinery from damages resulting from tramp metal. These magnets are suitable for use in heavy duty large volume liquid/semi liquid line flow system.

Our Bullet Magnet is one of the best equipment for inline magnetic separation of ferrous substances present in feeds. The Bullet Magnet has a powerful magnet enclosed in a casing and place in the center of the arrangement. The arrangement of the Bullet Magnet is such that every particle passing through comes in contact with the magnetic field. Ferrous particles of very small size are also trapped and a ferrous contaminant free product is obtained.

Working Principal: In this device there will be fixed magnet at the centre which will have bullet type shape. This type of design will help to pass material without reducing the flow or velocity of material at the same time all material passes through magnet.

Features: Very good conveying material through continuous process horizontally.