Overband Magnetic Separator (OBMS)

Overband Magnetic Separator (OBMS)

Magnetic Separators of these types are suitable for similar duties to Suspension Magnet, but discharges the extracted tramp iron automatically and continuously on the side of conveyor or beyond its head pulley. O.B.M.S. are used for resource recovery, reclaiming steel for resale and separating ferrous contaminant from the other recycle material such as crushed aluminum, glass, plastic, tires concrete or wood. Many facilities use O.B.M.S. to protect machinery, such as crusher at quarries, cement plants and mines.At Power Plants, they keep tramp metal out of Coal Pulverizes, Pulp and paper mills use them on wood chips. In Foundries, they removes chills, spruces and gaggers from sand.

Operational Details:

  • Elecrtromagnetic suspended type /obms are recommended when the deep field is required. The coils are made out of aluminum strips which creates excellent thermal properties. The coil is protected with ‘h’ class insulation.
  • The magnetic system can be offered either air cooled/oil cooled as per the requirement of the party. it is recommended when burden depth of product is more than 300 mm ht, also the iron piece is smaller in size with higher frequency.


  • Protection of processing equipment such as crushers, vibrating screen screw conveyor,
  • rotary valve.
  • Remove of tramp iron from coal conveyors to prevent pulverizing mills in power station.
  • Recovery of steel from steelworks slag
  • Cement plant to keep metal out of coal pulverizers.
  • Pulp and paper mill use on wood chips.
  • Foundry -it is used for extracting chills spruces and gaggers from foundry return sand.