Industrial Magnet

Circular Electro Magnet

We are well known as a circular lifting electro magnet manufacturer and a circular lifting electromagnet supplier. The circular lifting magnet can handle tonnes of scrap continuously throughout the day. It is used in metal working plants to hoist and transport steel parts, forgings, casting, plates, booms, channels, angles, rods and bars. Circular Electro Magnet 600 mm dia to 2200 mm dia for lifting different type of ferrous material. We will also provide battery back up system in case power failure for safety purpose.


  • Rugged-all-welded construction with good moisture-proofing.
  • Strong attraction force and low energy consumption.
  • Simple and convenient installation, operation and maintenance.

Drawer Magnet

Drawer Magnet is an excellent equipment and provide product protection of fine ferrous contaminants in free flowing product. Its multiple rows provide large contact area for product flow. As the particles or products flows through stainless steel housing, it chain over the rows of magnetic tubes. It is equipped with a magnetic cartridges to handle a huge separation tasks in mechanical or gravity flow applications. Moreover, the Drawer Magnet is available in utility and sanitary construction grades with different cleaning options and stainless steel housings.


  • Precision engineered
  • High-end process
  • Long service life

Magnetic Sweeper

We have been counted amongst the most trusted names in this domain, engaged in providing Magnetic Sweeper.  This sweeper is manufactured at our advanced production unit from high quality magnet and other materials. This sweeper is used for picking up iron scraps, nails, nuts, washers and hooks from the areas like drive ways, shop floors, packing areas, construction sites, playgrounds and allied fronts to reduce workers injuries and vehicle damage. Our clients can obtain Magnetic Sweeper at a reasonable price.


  • Simple design
  • Simple push down cleaning system
  • Easy to move

Grate magnet

Grate Magnet provides perfect protection from metal contamination. It is directly placed in the product stream which helps in free flowing products to in direct contact with the grates. This type of magnet can be placed on the bottom of the hopper as well as liquid tank, and can also be hung up. Moreover, the Grate Magnet is mainly constructed with one inch diameter magnetic tubes which is mounted on two inch centers in a frame. Its length and width can be made to any dimension as per the requirements.


  • As staggered fixing of magnet in layer will give better contact of material to magnet Rods.
  • Easily operate and clean ferrous material.
  • Easy to inspect frequently.

Prong Magnet

Prong Magnet also known as Liquid magnet is used for heavy-duty large volume liquid & semi-liquid line flow systems. It is used in many production areas such as production of confectionery, liquid sugar, syrup, and juice products. This type of magnet is very useful to connect directly to the pipe line with different sizes. According to the requirements, Prong Magnet can be installed horizontally and tangentially without compromising magnetic power efficiency.


  • It is very useful to connect directly to the pipe line of different sizes.
  • This system will not have any reduction in flow of liquid being passed,
  • It can be installed horizontally or or tangentially without any compromising magnetic power efficiency.
  • Also available for liquid by giving anti-corrosive coating on magnetic Cartage.

Hump Magnet

Hump Magnet provide excellent separation results for high volume, poor flowing or abrasive materials. Our offered magnet is used for meeting the separation demands of iron particles from grain, woven fabric,seeds, plastic pallet, free flowing powder and many more elements. Our Hump Magnet comes in two magnets construction that are affixed on offset housing and are easily installed in vertical spouts that provides achieving excellent separation of high volume,poor flow based or abrasive materials.


  • Very good for flow ability material, sluggish material.
  • Easy to clean as magnet plates ore fixed with wing nut arrangement.
  • Suitable to handle huge quantity.

Suspension Magnet

The Suspension Magnet is constructed with the help of oversized plate magnet. It is designed for suspension above the belt conveyor. If possible, this type of magnet should be installed at the emission of head pulley. The material moves in a zig-zag form from one cartridge tray to other for exceptionally thorough cleaning. In the standard configuration of Suspension Magnet, all the ferrous dust is removed from the cartridges by sliding out the trays and wiping them off. 


  • Recovery of steel from steelworks slag.
  • Salvage of important tools, cutter bits & machinery parts.

Rotary Magnet

Rotary Magnet provided by us are made available in motorized, cylindrical configuration comprising Rare Earth magnetic tubes that help in providing continuous rotations through gravity fed product stream. Its rotational design of magnet & unique splitter bars fulfill all the requirements of breaking of product clumps and in keeping flow moving through housing. In addition to this, the Rotary Magnet also supports capturing any present ferrous metal contamination, therefore adding to the purification of the product.


  • Perfect designed and constructed range of rotary magnet
  • It can also be custom made to fulfill exact application requirement

Tube Magnet

Backed by the industry experts and state of the art infrastructure, we manufacture and supply a excellent quality Tube Bullet Magnet. This bullet magnet finds its application in food and plastic processing, wood recycling and powder handling industry for protect the machinery from damage and purify the products as well. In compliance with the Indian norms of standard quality, this Tube Bullet Magnet is designed with high quality materials. Furthermore, we endeavor to deliver this magnet within committed time span.


  • Longer functional life
  • Excellent strength
  • Anti-corrosive finish
  • Non corrosive

Plate Magnet

Plate Magnet offered are designed to provide for easy installation in enclosed flow lines for effective removal of ferrous fines. Further, these are also suitable for removal of large pieces of tramp iron and can easily handle lumpy, powdery, moist as well as abrasive products that can cause rapid wear in cartridge-based separators.


  • Precision designed and highly functional range of Plate magnets
  • Provide for easy installation in enclosed flow lines for effective removal of ferrous fines
  • Also suitable for removal of large pieces of tramp iron