Electro Magnetic Ferro Filter (Weight Filter)

Electro Magnetic Ferro Filter (Weight Filter)

In Numerous types of industries, presence of even minute ferromagnetic particles in the end product impairs the quality of the products with a risk of not only loss of material, production cost but reputation also.To cater to this need, Electromagnetic Permanent Magnetic Ferro filters are manufactured for the removing fine ferromagnetic particles from wet or dry materials of all kinds.

The filters are specifically designed to remove ferrous particles from following liquids such as Ceramic Slips, Glazes, Insulators, Painting Inks, Paint products, lubrication and Cutting Oils and other liquid; from dry material such as food grains, sands, plastics granules, etc

Offered Electromagnetic Ferro Filter for Slurry is available at the affordable rate so that everyone can buy according to the budget. This product is developed employing best raw element and advanced technology and machinery. This is made in the state the need and demand of the customers. Easy to use, we offer these filters in multiple specifications and at effective prices.

Operational Details:

  • It consists of cylindrical shape body in ss construction with an electromagnetic coil is immersed in oil for cooling.
  • A specially designed grid is placed at a center of the tank and jacketed by ss cylindrical shape body.
  • Due to its honeycomb design of grid strong electromagnetic force is generated to separate fine to very fine iron particle from slurry.
    there are three types of system.
  • Gravity type – the liquid will feed on top and discharge from the bottom.
  • Pressure type – the liquid will be injected from bottom and outlet will be at the top.
  • Auto cleaning system also available if a quantity of handling is huge
  • Useful when removing the fine iron particle from the slurry is big challenged.
  • Specially designed ss grid is staked one after another to create strong magnetic flux.
  • Easily removable top cover for quick cleaning
  • Auto cleaning system with plc arrangement to facilitating faster cleaning