Circular Lifting Electro Magnets

Circular Lifting Electro Magnets

Thousands of Elektromag’s Circular Lifting Magnets have been in use for many years throughout the world. We can provide you with special designs and complete solutions. We provide more details of our products and their capabilities in the data overleaf. Take advantage of our expertise. 

We manufacture electromagnetic Circular Electro Magnet type lifting magnet for a hot and cold application. Normally it will manufacture aluminum or copper based on the application. Magnets are available from 600 mm dia to 2200 mm dia for lifting various type of ferrous material. We will also offer the battery back up system in case of power failure for safety purpose.

All our circular lifting magnets are constructed      in exactly the same way:  in a cast housing, a coilfirmly connected to the  housing by means of a heat conductor which  lies around the  central pole. A hard manganese steel bumping plate seals away the magnet’s interior. High-performance chains provide maximum safety  when  carrying the magnet  under load. The cable connection is also efficiently  protected


  • High load capacity
  • Enhanced service life
  • Optimum performance